Twitter launches its first livestream sports broadcast with Wimbledon

Twitter launches its first livestream sports broadcast with Wimbledon

It’s a match made in second screen heaven: Twitter has just launched its first sports livestream broadcast with today’s Wimbledon games.

The screen looks a lot like what you might expect from most livestreaming services with commentary on the side (i.e. YouTube, Twitch). Tweets with the associated hashtag – in this case, #wimbledon – will appear along the side and you can tweet directly along the stream without opening another window.

You can’t yet filter the feed to only see tweets from those you follow who are tweeting about the livestreamed event though.

Twitter livestream wimbledon

There are also links to Twitter accounts associated with the event, such as @ESPN and @Wimbledon. You can pause or mute the stream, but no rewinds.

It’s unclear whether the setup will remain the same for when the NFL season picks up in August, but it’s an interesting first look at how Twitter aims to incorporate broadcasts into the second screen/live commentary culture that the service is arguably best for.

You can watch the current stream here.

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