Twitter for Android has a completely new look

Credit: The Next Web

Twitter is rolling out a completely revamped Android app – finally adopting Material Design – and it finally looks like an app that belongs in the year 2016.

For reference, here’s what the old design looks like:


And here’s the new one:


The Google-approved aesthetic makes for a few functional differences:

  • The tab bar has been moved from the bottom to the top, and you can now simply swipe between your Timeline, notifications, direct messages, and moments.
  • The’res now a floating action button for composing new tweets. The single button can be used for composing different types of tweets – such as GIFs or videos – from a single spot
  • You can swipe from the left to go straight to your profile, settings, contacts and more.

The update is rolling out globally today.

Twitter for Android gets a refresh on Twitter Blog

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