Twitter now lets you tag restaurants and other businesses using Yelp

Credit: The Next Web

While users in the US have been able to add suggested business locations to a tweet since Twitter did a deal with Foursquare last year, people in (most) other countries have still had to share their favorite spots the old-fashioned way on the social network.

Now, however, people in the UK and Japan can start doing the same, just not via Foursquare. It was recently already introduced in Germany.

Instead, you can add Yelp geotags to tweets to bring in additional context like ratings and other details. It’ll also pull in other tweets and photos tagged with the same location.

Credit: Yelp

It’s potentially even more useful for the business owners, as tagging their own premises now brings in a whole load of useful information in one place.

We’ve asked Twitter if Yelp will be replacing Foursquare’s integration in the US, and why a global deal wasn’t done with a single platform and will update if we hear back.

The update’s rolling out today for Android and iOS users and will come to Twitter’s Web interface at a later date.

Hello and Kon’nichiwa Twitterverse! Yelp Geotags land in UK and Japan on Yelp

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