The problem with Twitter’s new TV Timelines is that it’s literally awkward

The problem with Twitter’s new TV Timelines is that it’s literally awkward

Earlier this year, Twitter announced a new TV Timelines feature that will aggregate tweets related to certain television programs so you can follow up on the live tweets and jokes that typically come with the second screen experience.

The feature opened its gates to the US’s fall TV programming late last week, and let’s just say it’s literally awkward.

Today our own Matt Navarra was tweeting something with the hashtag #awkward and his tweet got pulled into the timeline for MTV’s teen comedy with the same name.

With the technology still rolling out and adapting as we go, it’ll be up to Twitter to finesse its algorithms to ensure it doesn’t mix up unrelated tweets with a TV show that shares its name with a common hashtag. Just because someone is tweeting about something scandalous, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily talking about Olivia Pope stomping around Washington in the perfect white coat.

Or will it be up the TV shows to come up with their own unique clash of words? Screw this, I’m just gonna put the phone down when I’m in front of my TV.

H/T Will Barker

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