Twitter gets a thumbs up from the Online Trust Alliance

Twitter gets a thumbs up from the Online Trust Alliance

The issue of online security follows tech companies around like a bad smell, but the uproar that ensues whenever one of the big guns falls short of expectations is normally justified.

With that in mind, Twitter has been quick to highlight its latest security thumbs-up from The Online Trust Alliance (OTA), an international not-for-profit with a remit of building trust across the Web.

OTA does this, in part, by encouraging digital companies to adhere to comprehensive trust programs. Each year it issues an Online Trust Scorecard that recognizes companies that have adopted the best approach to protecting its users’ privacy. It looks at the likes of Extended Validation (EV) certificates, Always-On HTTPS and email authentication in its assessment.

And now Twitter has been added to its Honor Roll. What, you mean, it wasn’t already included?

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