Senior Media Liaison Karen Wickre leaves Google for Twitter

Senior Media Liaison Karen Wickre leaves Google for Twitter

Karen Wickre, the Senior Media Liaison at Google for the last nine years has left Google and joined Twitter.

Wickre held a very senior PR position at Google for a long time, and was the go between for project managers and the media. Many at Google enjoyed working with her immensely.

According to a tweet from Karen, she has joined Twitter:

This is yet another shakeup for Twitter, which since bringing Jack Dorsey back as Chairman, has seen its VP of Engineering Mike Abbott leave, as well as a quick exit from Vice President of Consumer Marketing, Pam Kramer.

Fortunately for Twitter, this addition is a positive one. Twitter has not dealt with the press much other than telling its history for magazines, and making some changes in management. It will be interesting to see what type of access at Twitter Wickre can give to media.

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