Echofon 4 for iPhone and iPad launches, adds user streams and media previews

Echofon 4 for iPhone and iPad launches, adds user streams and media previews

UberMedia, recent acquirers of Echofon – one of the world’s top iOS Twitter applications – has today announced the launch of Echofon 4 for iPad and iPhone, bringing with it iPad user streams, media previews and advanced notifications.

The application is now used by over 3 million people worldwide across various platforms, providing a free ad-supported version and a paid download. The premium version is able to synchronise personalisation options and tweet timelines across its iPad, iPhone and desktop applications.

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Today’s update enables user streams for iPad, displaying tweets without the need to refresh – saving battery life in the process. Global push notifications have also been included, sending SMS-like updates when a user receives a Direct Message, @reply, all without the need to be signed in.

Users can also mute users and view photos and videos inline, without having to leave the application.

“This has been a real labor of love for us,” said Kazuho Okui, founder of Echofon. “We have so many passionate customers who have given us a lot of great suggestions for new features, and we are happy to report that we have been able to include the most popular among them in Echofon 4.”

The application can be downloaded here.

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