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TNW2019 Daily: Don’t miss Guy Kawasaki speak at our conference!


With exactly four weeks to go until TNW Conference, we have some very exciting news to share: Guy Kawasaki will deliver TNW2019’s opening keynote on May 9 in Amsterdam! I’ve dedicated today’s entire newsletter to this industry icon.

Apple’s original evangelist

Guy Kawasaki is responsible for building Apple’s cult-like status that remains today. He basically invented evangelism marketing as Apple’s original chief evangelist from 1983 to 1987, and he was in charge of marketing the very first Macintosh. Kawasaki is now the chief evangelist of Canva and a brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz.

He’s also authored 15 books, many of which have become bookshelf staples, recently publishing Wise Guy this year. At TNW2019, he’ll host a book signing where you can get your own copy of his latest work – stay tuned for more info!

As if that wasn’t enough, Guy Kawasaki is widely regarded as one of the best speakers in the world. So what are you waiting for? Get your TNW2019 ticket now, because you don’t want to miss out on his enlightening keynote, where he’ll discuss the lessons he’s learned during his extensive and prominent career.

That concludes today’s TNW2019 Daily! Tune in tomorrow for more TNW Conference highlights, and catch up on previous editions right here.

Published April 11, 2019 — 14:46 UTC