AT&T is pretending like 5G is already here – and misleading users

AT&T is pretending like 5G is already here – and misleading users
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Last week, owners of select LG and Samsung phones using AT&T network got a software update that changed the “4G” icon in their status bar to “5GE” (E stands for Evolution). In reality, AT&T hasn’t really deployed a 5G network yet – it’s just renaming LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro to 5GE.

That’s as misleading as it gets. AT&T issued the update to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, the LG V30, and the V40, and the changelog noted just a single item: “5G Evolution indicator support added.”

The carrier said it’ll brand the real 5G with mmWare technology as “5G+.” Right now, AT&T doesn’t have any device on its roster that boasts actual 5G capabilities.

Competitor network T-mobile decided to make fun of this announcement by tweeting a video of a person posting a sticky note saying “9G” on their phone.

In 2010, the network claimed to be “America’s largest 4G network” while not having any 4G capabilities. 5G is the current buzzword in the industry and a lot of customers are eagerly waiting for its rollout, but this is surely not a way to do it.

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