TNW Conference attendees tell us what tech they want to see next

TNW Conference attendees tell us what tech they want to see next

As amazing as all of our existing tech is, some of the best is yet to come. We asked five TNW 2018 attendees to tell us which currently unavailable tech, app, or invention they wish for. Not surprisingly, some of the demands were pretty steep:

“Teleportation.” Marie Bue. Startup evangelist, Zalando SE.

“I would love to have Google Assistant develop a little bit more in Dutch.” Kevin Hipke. Advertising agent, TBWA\NEBOKO

“I would like to go to a place, or have a universal app that scans my body. Then, when I shop online, I know exactly that it fits.” Max Kurstjens. Advertising agent, TBWA\NEBOKO

“I want a screen that tans.” Colin Ellis. VP of Sales, Adyen.

“I want an app that orders my life. Cleaning, doing groceries. Just telling me what to do. Like a super-intelligent butler.” Clarissa Van Deventer. Founder, ReAnimators.

What technology would you choose? Let us know in the comments. Who knows — you might see it at TNW 2019!

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