Got questions for a startup swami? Adeo Ressi is joining us on TNW Answers

Got questions for a startup swami? Adeo Ressi is joining us on TNW Answers

What was the business venture you were most proud of? What do you think are the most exciting projects in space exploration currently? What was it like having Elon Musk as a roommate? Can I pitch you my startup idea?

Ask all this and more to serial entrepreneur Adeo Ressi.

Ressi is the CEO of the Founder Institute, a startup launch program and accelerator, that operates in almost 200 cities around the world and has helped generate $25 billion in shareholder value. He is known in Silicon Valley to mentor fast-growing tech businesses, is a pioneer in the protection of founder rights, and an expert on funding and scaling new startups.

Besides for the Founder Institute, Adeo founded and ran nine businesses, including TheFunded, Game Trust, Xceed, and more. He recently spoke at Mobile World Congress’s startup event 4YFN and was previously on the board of the X Prize Foundation. He is additionally passionate and knowledgeable about innovations in space exploration.

Need inspiration? Check out his blog, Founder Institute’s site, and his talk in this episode of Mentor Minute.

Ask your questions now, and don’t forget to check back for his answers this Thursday, March 15th!

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