Hologroup’s MR Guide makes Microsoft’s HoloLens your new tour guide

Hologroup’s MR Guide makes Microsoft’s HoloLens your new tour guide
Credit: HoloGroup

Russian startup Hologroup recently released MR Guide for HoloLens developers. The software gives anyone the ability to make a holographic tour for Microsoft’s mixed-reality headset, with no programming necessary.

Currently the HoloLens hardware is available to the public only in a costly developer’s edition, but it’s already seeing useful software. MR Guide gives early adopters the tools to create experiences directly in the HoloLens’ native interface, without the need for any additional software.

According to Holograph CEO Alex Yakubov:

With the help of MR Guide, creating a holographic tour is no more difficult than making a PowerPoint presentation. Now, museums, showrooms, exhibition stands and every other innovative space can start mixing their reality with any interactive digital content, to help focusing the attention of their visitors and guests. Previously, projects likes this would have required 3 to 6 months of active work of a lot of expensive developers and contractors, now everyone can do it themselves, without any additional help.

Creators upload files using Microsoft’s One Drive and design the text and triggers for their virtual tours by interacting with the software via the HoloLens headset.

Right now there’s virtually no market for software that’s designed exclusively for HoloLens. If you want to buy one just to tinker with, the developer’s edition costs $3,000 – it’s not an end-user product at this point. But Hologroup’s software bridges the gap between developers and creators. It has the potential to create some HoloLens customers.

It’s easy to imagine businesses, museums, and even boutique stores offering customers the option to borrow a HoloLens for the upgraded holographic tour experience.

Mixed-reality is slowly finding its groove and the next generation of hardware is on the way. Hopefully more software like MR Guide will find its way to market soon.

You can check out a demo of the software at Hologroup’s website, the full version costs $999.

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