Vangsters is the of weed

Vangsters is the of weed

The cannabis industry is expected to add more than 250,000 jobs over the next five years according to Vangst, a talent scout agency focused on the marijuana sector. To address this issue the company today unveiled Vangsters —  an Indeed for weed.

Vangsters is a confidential place for candidates seeking positions in the cannabis industry to create a profile, upload a resume, and look for positions posted by reputable companies. Employers can view candidates who are interested in the industry and hire straight from the platform.

Roger Obando, the CTO of Baker — a company that provides a software platform for dispensaries — says:

Vangst has been instrumental in doubling our team size over the past six months by sourcing candidates for finance, sales, engineering, marketing and customer success. I’m excited to see Vangst continue to expand their offering through Vangsters and provide much needed services to our rapidly growing industry.

The cannabis industry is worth billions in the US and it’s only getting bigger. Eight US states have legalized with more certain to follow.

Vangsters online hiring platform works similarly to or Indeed, though it doesn’t intend to have any social media aspects – which is probably a good thing.

What it does have is an already proven record of connecting employers with employees.

Business in the cannabis industry is largely conducted at the frontier; the race to be first often means rushing the hiring process. Baker CTO Obando had this to say:

The same amount of vetting that we have historically needed to do on our own is now being handled by a very capable team that is aware of the high standards we employ in our hiring process.

Vangsters looks like the right job seeker site for people with an eye towards the lucrative future of the cannabis industry.

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