Workshop on how to run the best meetings and projects by fostering creative collaboration

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Workshop on how to run the best meetings and projects

Working together as a team on complex projects can be challenging, especially now, while we're working more remotely.

During this workshop, Katja and Jochem, co-founders of GLUE, will give you a taste of our unique process to let creativity flourish and teams thrive while achieving amazing results.

Topics they'll cover:

  • How to prepare your project or meeting for success
  • How to build a shared understanding in your team
  • How to make the best use of all knowledge in the room
  • How to create a shared workspace for your team while you’re not able to physically be together

This is an hour-long interactive workshop for program managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs.


  • Katja Bauer is a member of TNW and co-founder of GLUE. She's an experienced brand marketer and facilitator, who has worked for both agencies and marketing departments.
  • Jochem Reinders Folmer Reinders Folmer is a member of TNW and co-founder of GLUE. He's experienced in marketing and innovation consultancy and has built and run multiple boutique agencies.


GLUE helps large organizations and their partners collaborate more efficiently, run more effective projects, and achieve better results.

Glue introduces ‘creative collaboration’ as a domain and has the ambition to make this new way of working together with the new standard. Glue’s first product is the Collaboration Run, a 7-week process for development projects where creativity needs space to flourish. Glue works together with VodafoneZiggo and HavasLemz and has worked for Pon, de Koninklijke Bibliotheek & Rainforest Alliance.


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