How to facilitate team sessions that foster co-creation while working remotely

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Workshop: how to facilitate team sessions

Co-creation is about creating value that is worth more than what you can create alone. In order to achieve meaningful results, you need active participation from everyone involved and a common goal.

On August 5th, TNW member, Katja Bauer and Marlies Touw, will host a session during which you'll learn how to facilitate inspiring and inclusive team sessions that create real value, whilst working remotely. This is an active session, you’ll be working with tools such as Zoom and Mural.

Please note, neither a Zoom nor Mural account is required for this workshop.


  • Katja is a member of TNW and the founder of GLUE. She is an experienced brand marketer, who has worked for both agencies and marketing departments.
  • Marlies has worked as a creative brand strategist for years at HavasLemz and graduated from Hyper Island as a Master of Arts in Digital Management.


GLUE guides teams and organizations to find their vision and to implement a company vision into a strategy. Their way of developing and facilitating interactive team sessions is characterized by effectiveness and fun. Previously, they designed and facilitated (remote) sessions for companies like PON groep, Rainforest Alliance, Carré Royal Theatre, and Vodafone.


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