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Workshop acquiring grants and incentives for IT startups

Friday, September 25, 2020

Workshop acquiring grants and incentives

Join us on September 25 for an hour long informative online session on grant opportunities available for IT startups. PNO consultant, Eelco Troost, will be able to inform you about the most important conditions, and most commonly used grant opportunities for IT start-and scale ups. Some actual financing and grant opportunities will be mentioned.

We'll discuss the following programs: 

  • WBSO: an Incentive for R&D
  • Eurostars: for EU R&D cooperation
  • MIT for R&D Cooperation between Dutch SME’s
  • MIT feasibility grant
  • EIC programme: for disruptive technologies with a broad EU impact


Eelco Troost is an experienced Grants and Innovation Consultant, mainly active for High Tech Systems and ICT software development companies. Eelco has experience with many national and EU funding schemes. 


PNO consultants, as a TNW partner, will inform you in an interactive discussion about the conditions of these grant opportunities. Whenever you have questions on other grant programmes, we will be able to discuss those too and discuss the questions that you might have. Should you require further advice, PNO will be happy to plan a follow up meeting.


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