Webinar: Mindfulness as a tool for more resilience and self acceptance

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Webinar: Mindfulness as a tool for more resilience

We all have them from time to time: negative thoughts. Often we try to suppress them, but what would happen if we just accepted them? Mindfulness is a powerful tool that teaches you to deal with negative thoughts. You learn to accept them, and in this way, to deal with self-acceptance and stress.

Our psychologists will help you to better understand mindfulness. You will learn when to use it, how to use it and how it contributes to a more mindful, balanced, and happy life! You will receive exercises during and after the webinar that you can use in your daily life.

During the webinar, you'll learn: 

  • Learn what mindfulness is and when it can help you most
  • Learn to balance your thoughts for more self-acceptance and to deal with stress
  • Receive exercises after the webinar and, if desired, discuss them with one of their psychologists


OpenUp has already helped thousands of people with their mental issues. From questions about insecurity, (work)stress, fear, and gloominess to questions about setting goals and working efficiently. We believe that professional help should be accessible, available, and affordable for everyone. From a one-off online consultation to daily guidance via chat, telephone, or video conference, anything is possible. We like to share our knowledge, experiences, and stories through webinars, among other things.


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