TNW virtual Halloween

Friday, October 30, 2020

TNW virtual Halloween

2020 has been the year of canceled plans. Ski holiday somewhere in the Alps? Canceled. King’s Day? Canceled. Nights out dancing? That’s right, canceled. It seems that everything has moved to Zoom, and we’ve become much more accustomed to seeing co-workers and friends as pixels rather than as a clear picture, not frozen in time. We know you’re slowly losing your will to continue starting at screens, but, we’re bringing you a virtual meeting that you won’t want to miss…online Halloween!

We get it, we all wish we could be in a haunted house somewhere in a corn field trying to tell the difference between a real axe and one from the local fright shop. But, if there’s one thing that we refuse to let you miss out on this year, it’s dressing up in freaky costumes and pouring fake blood in your hair. So, we're bringing the antics to you: an online Halloween bash, complete with drinks, horror trivia, and a costume contest.


Costume contest: Need a new DIY project? Show us a costume that embodies the past year for you. The very real nightmare that has been 2020. Zombies, giant hornets, virtual meetings. We want it all. Have another theme in mind? Show it to us - anything is welcome. There'll be three categories: best individual costume, best duo costume, and best team costume. Come dressed to impress - there are prizes to win! Winners will be announced at the end of the event.

Quiz: The call will go live at 17:00 and we’ll start the quiz at 17:10 to leave room for people to find their way over to the link. Once everyone is situated - cocktail, mocktail, or soda in hand - we’ll start the Kahoot quiz. The theme is Horror with some general knowledge thrown in...Come ready to show off your trivia skills!


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