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The Things Conference

Monday, January 25, 2021

The Things Conference

Join the global, week-long virtual LoRaWAN conference, from The Things Industry, to level-up your skillset, get access to top-notch LoRaWAN products and services, and have thousands of professional connections at your fingertips. 

From January 25th to 29th, gain access to:

  • Virtual wall of fame - Allow visitors to experience your LoRaWAN sensors virtually
  • Curated match-making - Get connected to relevant visitors with our advanced matchmaking tool
  • Virtual networking - Join small networking groups to discuss specific LoRaWAN topics


  • Matt Hatton, Founding Partner - Transforma Insights
  • Leonard Lee, Founder & Managing Director - neXt Curve
  • Sébastien Dudek, Security Researcher - Trend Micro
  • Cristian Yones
    Machine Learning Engineer - RoLa Guard 
  • Bogdans Afonins
    Stack Engineer - The Things Industries 
  • Paul Hayes
    Co-founder & Technical Director ,AllioT 
  • Jaap Groot, CEO - Fractus Antennas 

And many more - Check out the full list of speakers and their bios on their event page. 


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