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Startup School: How to manage Google Ads effectively

Monday, September 21, 2020

Startup School: How to manage Google Ads effectively

During this session, we will review key Google Ads metrics, and the interdependent relationship between them. We will walk you through the campaign creation process, and how to use Google Ads conversion tracking to measure your performance. Discover the settings and tools available to make sure your campaigns are set up to meet your objectives. This event is for any business or startup owner who wants to promote their services or products through Google Ads. It is only open to Startups. 

This session will leave you with the knowledge required to build Google Ads campaigns, and allow you to use the tools and settings available within the interface to manage your campaigns efficiently and accurately.

This course is a part 2 out of 4 on Google Ads. Discover more here

Both Google for Startups Campus members and non-members can apply for this event. If you're a member, we already have your basic info, so you'll skip right to the application; non-members will need to give us some more detail.


  • Most important metrics and how to understand them
  • Creating the first campaign in Google Ads and setting conversion tracking
  • Most important settings and tools to start with (walkthrough interface)


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