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Online workshop: Finance Academy with Leapfunder

Monday, October 26, 2020

Online workshop: Finance Academy with Leapfunder

TNW members get access to this event free of charge - slack @Natasha to get the discount code.

Need some investment and financial advice for your startup?

In this training, you'll get all the financial knowledge you need from Leapfunder's CEO Tienko Rasker. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Use convertibles
  • Structure different equity classes
  • Set up debt safely (if you must)
  • Read a shareholders' agreement and/or an investment agreement

The training is fully gamified in the form of a monopoly game. So by the end of two hours, you'll have some real experience making financial decisions yourself.

Leapfunder will be hosting two of these sessions, on October 26 and November 23. As members of the TNW community you have access to a 100% discount on any of these dates. Select the date you'd like to attend and apply the code at checkout. To redeem the code, email [email protected] Hurry to claim your seat; only 40 spots available per session!


  • Tienko Rasker is the founder of leading online Angel investment platform, Leapfunder. He's a trained strategy consultant and financial professional and has a focus on growth strategy and early-stage finance. He's also a social entrepreneur.


Leapfunder aims to help startups find early stage financing. Their main product is the Leapfunder convertible note, a standard approach to financing early stage companies. With Leapfunder anyone can become an Angel investor.


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