Office hours with KPMG on Financial Planning

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Office hours with KPMG on Financial Planning

Finding the right knowledge to grow your startup is hard and time intensive. To help you grow your business, we invite experts to share their knowledge with our community. Office Hours bring you the knowledge and insights to operate more effectively by learning from the best. In these 30 minutes 1 on 1 sessions, you’ll be able to ask for advice on any challenges you’ve been facing.

For this session we’ve invited Jordi Wardenburg from KPMG to help you with financial planning. He will give insights into:

  • Setting up financial (scenario) models and cash flow forecast models, enabling the company to have a steer to manage various stakeholders and make strategic, tactical and operational decisions.
  • How to manage cash (and working capital management), minimizing cash absorbed in times of fast growth.
  • Managing/steering enterprise performance (from defining a structured strategy/ strategic plan, getting to a sound yearly plan and budget, forecasting, reporting, addressing gaps and close gaps/ make decisions)


With a background in retail (supporting CEO, CFO and CCO of a Dutch retail company) and with 12 years of consulting experience, Jordi has advised over 100 companies in the area of organisation, finance and operations, with a specialism in cash & working capital management and business steering, including financial/ cash flow/ scenario forecasting/ planning and steering your business based on the right steering information.


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