How to manage tax while scaling your business with KPMG and Sendcloud

Thursday, April 15, 2021

How to manage tax while scaling your business with KPMG and Sendcloud

Looking to grow your company and expand internationally but need some experienced help doing so? 

On April 15th, experts from KPMG Meijburg & Co will dive into several tax challenges scale-ups are generally facing. They've invited Bas Smeulders, Sendcloud's co-founder/COO, who'll share his experience with establishing Europe’s number 1 all-in-one shipping platform for e-commerce.

Taxes are one of the first attention points when starting and specifically scaling a business. What can I do with incurred VAT; How can I reward my employees; What do I need to know about 30%-rulings, tax compliance, and more? 

KPMG believes that every department plays a role in and has to deal with tax queries (the HR department, finance managers, product developers, supply chain managers, and the C-level). During this session, Bas Smeulders, Co-founder and COO at Sendcloud will cover how Sendcloud has handled tax.

During this session, you'll get insight into:

  • Why you should bother learning about tax within a startup/scale-up
  • What are the basic tax items to be considered when obtaining funding from an investor
  • Employee commitment planning: tax implications of various options to award employees with a share in the company (options, shares, SARs, etc.)
  • International expansion: the tax question



KPMG launched KPMG Emerging Giants to support forward-thinking scaleups with their growth and international expansion. Their dedicated team provides hands-on support when it comes to your challenges around Tax, Finance and Risk & Compliance.


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