ISE Live & Online

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

ISE Live & Online

The future of AV starts in… Barcelona!

TNW is teaming up with Integrated Systems Europe at ISE2021, one of the largest AV festivals in the world. If you’re curious about how big players like Jabra, Bosch and Panasonic are shaping the AV experience of the future, then you definitely don’t want to pass on this free event.

At ISE Live & Online, TNW is hosting keynotes, roundtables, and interviews with leaders from NASA, Dailymotion, Sonar, SAP, etc. Our session lineup includes:

  • “Shaking out the trends in next tech”: Understanding what to anticipate from the newest and hottest tech trends in the future.

  • “Startup Nation: Gaming & Mixed Reality”: Listening in on the changemakers who are looking to revolutionize the AV industry.

  • “Sustainability accelerated”: Learn the stakes at which companies should pursue sustainability and how your company compares to this.

… and much, much more.

Get your free tickets to ISE Live & Online, and enjoy both in-person and digital access to one of the most visually spectacular festivals in the world. You can find a full list of speakers via the registration link. 


Day 1

  • 9:30: Press conference 
  • 9:45: Welcome
  • 9:50: Keynote - Digital Transformation for Tech Led Business – Marc Vidal (Spanish)
  • 10:20: Big Light Shows (Catalonian Audiovisual Cluster)
  • 11:00 - 12:30: Exhibition and networking
  • 12:30: Welcome to ISE Digital 
  • 12:50: ISE News Bulletin 
  • 13:00: Keynote - Shaking out the Trends in Next Tech – Ventura Barba
  • 13:55: Global Pro AV Outlook: Charting a Path Out of the Pandemic (AVIXA)
  • 14:15: ISE News Bulletin
  • 14:20: Inspired Insights: Shure
  • 14:40: The Importance of AV in Education and Outlook on Hybrid Teaching (Sennheiser)
  • 14:45: Reporter Roundtable: Marketing Tactics in an Online World
  • 15:25: The Path Forward to a Better Working Future: Interview with Marc Godin, Lenovo
  • 15:50: Recovery: Navigating the Post-Pandemic Landscape (CEDIA)
  • 16:15: ISE News Bulletin
  • 16:20: Startup Nation: Smart Cities
  • 17:05: The Future of Video Collaboration (Logitech)
  • 17:30: Solving the Hybrid Workplace (Cisco)
  • 17:50: ISE News Bulletin
  • 18:00: ISE Live Entertainment

Day 2

  • 9:45: Welcome
  • 9:50: Keynote: Long Live Retail – Maria Callis (Spanish)
  • 10:20: La Formacion de Tecnologia Audiovisual en las Univeridades (Catalonian Audiovisual Cluster – Spanish)
  • 10:40: Nuevos Retos para las Empresas Audiovisuales de Eventos (Catalonian Audiovisual Cluster – Spanish)
  • 11:00 - 12:30: Exhibition and networking
  • 12:30: Welcome Back to ISE Digital 2021
  • 12:40: Paving the Path Forward: Interview with Barcelona City representative 
  • 12:50: ISE News Bulletin
  • 13:00: Keynote- Sustainability Accelerated…On the Sofa with Tom Raftery
  • 13:35: Reporter Roundtable: What’s Your Purpose?
  • 14:10: Regional Pro AV Trends: A Deeper Dive (AVIXA)
  • 14:40: ISE News Bulletin
  • 14:45: Voice Control and Augmented Reality in Times of Cyber-Security: (KNX)
  • 15:05: The Integrator of 2025: What’s Next? (CEDIA)
  • 15:30: ISE News Bulletin
  • 15:35: Startup Nation - Gaming
  • 16:20: Workspace Planning (HDBaseT Alliance / AV Magazine)
  • 16:50: Startup Nation: Mixed Reality
  • 17:30: Digital Signage – Moving from AV to IT to Leverage the Power of Data:
    Testimonies from Nedbank, SAP, and Philips (Telelogos)
  • 17:50: ISE News Bulletin
  • 17:55: Wrap-up of Event

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