How to build software products remotely

Thursday, January 21, 2021

How to build software products remotely

How can you build software products remotely and keep the same in-office productivity? 

The office is a sacred place for any startup. It's where visions are dreamed, goals set, successes celebrated, and problems brainstormed late at night with a pizza at hand. Especially at an early-stage, the intimacy of the founding team working together in one room is what makes up the startup spirit. And then came Corona.

Working from home, teams all over the world are now finding themselves in the same city yet so far away from one another. But even before the pandemic, many startups were toying with the idea of hiring remote employees to close the talent gap that stalls progress in the Western world.

The question is: how can we structure remote work so it doesn't lose the spirit and intimacy we so appreciate in an office environment? How can we be creative and brainstorm as if we were in a boardroom, flipping charts and sticking post-its all over the walls? What's the secret to remote work, no matter if we're located just a few blocks apart or halfway around the globe?

 This session will take about 30 minutes, which will leave enough room for an in-depth Q&A. Here's what we'll discuss:

  • The challenges of remote work - know and embrace them
  • Are there any benefits of remote work over in-office work?
  • Processes and hacks to make remote work succeed
  • How to find talented remote product people


  • Victor Purolnik is a Berlin-based entrepreneur and product guy by heart. With a background in computer science, engineering management, product management, and never-ending curiosity in UI/UX he has almost a decade of experience in remote software development. Having worked in multiple startups, Victor ventured out towards Eastern Europe early on and started building product teams in Poland and Ukraine, after which he grew and exited an 80-person software house. Today, he's the Deputy CTO at Rebolet, and the founder of Trustshoring, where he consults startups on remote work and matches companies to reliable tech teams from Eastern Europe. He is also the author of the Complete Outsourcing Playbook.


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