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Hiring employees and contractors: The basics

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Hiring employees and contractors: The basics

Despite the challenges of the past year, many businesses are still growing and hiring people. The logistics surrounding hiring always manages to raise a few questions, but, this period especially, sheds light on some new obstacles faced by companies looking to grow their team. For this reason, Höcker Advocaten is hosting an online webinar - specifically for TNW members - that will help answer any questions on the legal basics of hiring people through employment and an independent contractor’s agreement. 

They'll cover the following topics, among others:

  • Employment contract and freelance contract: freedom of choice?
  • Restrictive clauses (e.g. non-compete, confidentiality)
  • Benefits (e.g. wages, holidays, remote working)

The approach of this webinar will be practical and to-the-point; there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions. 


  • Martyn Top, Partner, Employment Law: Martyn is a tenacious and experienced attorney, at his best in crunch situations. He has a desire to really get to know his clients and come to understand what it is that drives them, before proceeding to then move mountains on their behalf. Martyn is able to present a solution to the intricate disputes that can arise between employees and their employers, e.g. in dismissal cases, company restructuring, and employee participation matters. He's been working in employment law since 2004.
  • Ilaha Muhseni, Junior Lawyer, Employment Law: Ilaha is energetic and convincing. Ilaha is aware of the fact that employment law is a people's business. At the same time, she ensures that her work is backed by a solid legal argumentation. Her previous experience includes lecturing employment law at VU University Amsterdam.


Höcker Advocaten, TNW-partner, is an Amsterdam-based law firm that offers services in corporate law, employment law, intellectual property law, IT law, media & marketing law, and dispute resolution. Höcker regularly organizes webinars about relevant topics within Employment law.


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