Take control of your business processes as you grow

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Take control of your business processes as you grow

Do you regularly encounter challenges regarding the backbone of your fast growing organization and are you in need of some experienced help to optimize, standardize and 'take control' of your business processes?

On May 19th, experts from KPMG will dive into typical issues that start-ups face when scaling up.

If you struggle with unclarity regarding roles and responsibilities, high costs due to inefficiencies, insufficient service levels, and/or if you feel ‘out-of-control, then this webinar is for you! The earlier you start with a solid process framework, the easier it will be to scale up your organization in the future.

During this session, you'll get insight into:

  • Why clearly defined processes are important within a start-up/ scale-up;
  • Which triggers are important to consider and how they affect the approach;
  • What framework you could consider and what steps you can undertake to document your business processes;
  • Which tools can support you in optimizing the organization’s backbone;
  • Why a solid process framework is key to implement RPA and Low Code solutions.


  • Desiree Hoogstrate-de Lege, Manager KPMG Trusted Advisors: Desirée is a manager at KPMG and has specialized in process optimizations for start-ups and scale-ups. She has learned the importance of having a comprehensible structure, clarity regarding roles and responsibilities, and a focus on efficiency, which is pivotal in growing and expanding any organization. She would love to meet you at the webinar and get you started as well.
  • Tijmen Oudshoorn, Consultant KPMG Trusted Advisors: Tijmen is a consultant at KPMG with a broad (international) business background. During his career, he has experienced numerous process optimization projects with various businesses that have one thing in common: exponential growth. The challenges these businesses face all boil down to the same solution: a solid, pragmatic process framework that is future-proof. He would love to have a talk about your organization!


KPMG launched KPMG Emerging Giants to support forward-thinking scaleups with their growth and international expansion. Their dedicated team provides hands-on support when it comes to your challenges around Tax, Finance, and Risk & Compliance.

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