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Ethics in Technology: Why Women Make Tech More Ethical

Friday, May 20, 2022

Ethics in Technology: Why Women Make Tech More Ethical

Research has shown that companies with more women onboard make more ethical decisions. This has been illustrated by the harmful effects of the worldwide economic crisis that occurred in the late 2000s and the most recent pandemic. All of the world's global tech revolutions (AI, IoT, XR, 3D Printing, AVs, Quantum Computing, Blockchain) face severe environmental, social and political challenges. The case for having more women in technology becomes, therefore, self-evident.

In this hour long session at TNW City, Raisa Ghazi will discuss:

  • Ethical implications of not having enough women working in the tech sector.
  • How the nature of women helps to create more responsible innovation.
  • A framework for developing responsible technology more inclusively and ethically.

Raisa Ghazi is a serial impact entrepreneur and public speaker on Ethical & Inclusive Technology as well as Female Leadership. She founded SkillGenie (the first Dutch E-learning platform that promotes equality in the workplace) and the High Tech Tea (an organization that pledges to make technology a more women-friendly industry). Her events draw thousands of women and are full of inspiring speakers, knowledge, and fun. 

In her spare time, she travels the world to find her next surf spot in her spare time, is a gourmet home chef who loves to host dinner parties, and likes to read about responsible innovation.

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