Engaging Organizations One Conversation at a Time - Coaching Workshop

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Engaging Organizations One Conversation at a Time

When it comes to engaging your reports or organization, there are a lot of surveys, techniques and models. However, something that doesn’t get as much attention is the extraordinary power of deep, engaged 1:1 conversations. In this 1-hour workshop with Parham Doustdar of Booking.com, you will:

  • Learn more about why 1:1 conversations are the most important tool in your engagement toolset
  • Be introduced to an easy-to-remember and instantly applicable model that you can use for most of your coaching conversations, so that you can gather information to engage and inspire
  • See a 10-minute demonstration of a coaching conversation in action

Note: the workshop should take 1 hour, but depending on audience questions may run over, until 12:00 at the latest.


Parham Doustdar is a completely blind team lead at Booking.com that relies on the power of conversations to manage his people. By night, he uses the power of 1:1 conversations to coach new managers to dream bigger than they have ever dreamed, and then to make them real.


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