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Defining Your Startup’s Customer Experience on Day 1

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Defining Your Startup’s Customer Experience on Day 1

Customer experience is not a new concept; However, it is, undoubtedly an evolving one. As customers continue to work from home and make purchasing decisions virtually, prioritizing customer experience has never been more important – especially for early-stage startups.

Whether you’re focused on getting to market and landing your first customers or you just closed your seed round, Kristen Durham, VP of Startups at Zendesk, and Brian Kale, Head of CX at Bank Novo, join us to share why CX matters and the improved results founders can see when customer experience is emphasized on Day 1.

Using examples from fast-growing startups who invested early in CX, they'll walk you through how they leveraged data for growth and for competing with established brands, best practices in engaging with customers in a virtual world, and they will share what a CX strategy should look like – including when, and how, to roll out new CX features.



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