Community workshop on Data Privacy and Cyber Security

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Data Privacy and Cyber Security

Cyber security and data privacy can be overwhelming and complex areas for businesses and individuals. Yet, it is vital that we understand our responsibilities and capabilities so that we can best build resilience to the challenges we face.

In this session Ammi Virk, co-founder of Isuna BV, will be covering some of the threats that businesses face and the implications. He will help businesses understand the modus operandi and motivations of those targeting their businesses and also share some good practice principles that will help you in the immediate term.

The session will cover:

  • The current cyber and data privacy landscape
  • The impact on businesses (financial and reputational)
  • The top 5 tips (and maybe more) for businesses
  • How cyber security and data privacy can add value to your business


Ammi Virk, Founder and vision specialist, Isuna BV, has worked in domestic and international investigations for a variety of law enforcement organisations and case types, including fraud, to organised crime groups, and terrorism investigations. Whilst working on these investigations he has trained hundreds of analysis and investigation professionals around the globe. His work and training experience has provided him contact with the world of cyber security. 


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