CTO Roundtable: Developer experience and key learnings from a year of remote work

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

CTO Roundtable #9

It’s been a year since society has had to adjust to the new reality of the pandemic world. Remote day-to-day work introduced in a vast majority of technology companies led to some significant changesin internal processes, in daily cooperation between development teams, and between companies and their clients.

Developers are a company's biggest assets, and, if companies want them to stay (but also attract new people) developers need to be given good reasons. It's up to employers to lessen their employees' daily grind and improve the Developer Experience. During the upcoming CTO Roundtable, you'll learn what CTOs of successful tech companies have already considered in order to prepare themselves for the future of software development and the tech industry. Do developers really want to come back to the office? Join in on May 11, to hear from the Swapfiets’ CTO about what she believes to be an efficient hybrid model of working from home and the office.

Host Gerbert Oude Velthuis has invited Chahna Gosrani, CTO of Swapfiets; Marek Gajda, CTO of The Software House; and Jago Philippens, Head of Product Development of TicketSwap to discuss: 

  • What have we learned after one year of remote software development?
  • What can we do to ensure internal support between developers?
  • What can you do as CTO to make people feel united when working remotely?
  • What has changed in hiring and motivating your teams?
  • Is optimization of Developer Experience directly connected to reducing employee churn?
  • How remote working changed the war for talent in the tech industry?


  • Jago Philippens - Head of Product Development at TicketSwap - has a background in HR, linguistics, and Artificial Intelligence and focuses on strategic and tactical transformation management, as well as people management. He has worked with start-ups, scale-ups, as well as grown-ups, and strongly believes in bottom-up and middle-out ownership.
  • Gerbert Oude Velthuis, General Manager of The Software House Nederland, has over 25 years experience in several leadership positions. After working for an international IT company, where he built up several teams around the globe, Gerbert started his own software ventures.
  • Marek Gajda, CTO at the Software House: With over 12 years of experience in IT, Marek manages a team of more than 100 developers at the Software House - the company recognized by Clutch as the number 1 Polish software agency.
  • Chahna Gosrani, CTO of Swapfiets: Chahna has been a cycling enthusiast since moving to Zurich and discovering the freedom of safe streets. She is a growth-led technology leader, having led the build of a new B2B marketplace at eBay, a new customer platform at Gerson Lehrman Group, and now helping Swapfiets create more liveable cities through micromobility subscriptions. 


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