CTO Roundtable: How to update your company’s tech stack while keeping the business running

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

CTO Roundtable #5: No more legacy code

On November 10, The software House brings you their 5th CTO Roundtable. Here, they'll the discuss legacy code and the problem it presents. The continued employment of legacy code affects many fast-growing software companies and can lead to increased costs of maintenance, reduced scalability and security risks.

How can you prevent it? What are some possible solutions when the problem does arise? Host, Gerbert Oude Velthuis - CTO of Travelia, General Manager for NL at The Software House - will be joined by Peter van Dijk, Marek Gajda, and Juha-Pekka Laine to discuss this topic. 

During this event, they'll bring you an insightful conversation that will cover some real-life scenarios Tech Managers often face. 

Some challenges you can get help with: 

  • My company just acquired a company and their solution is using deprecated software which needs to integrate with my existing environment and systems. How can I integrate the new and already existing systems?
  • How can I prevent legacy code in the most efficient way and ensure my solutions stay maintainable as they're currently set-up ? 
  • I was appointed the CTO of a company and I see that we need to rewrite the code behind our products/solutions because there’s nobody left who understands it.
  • Our business is booming now but the products and solutions we sell no longer keep up with the needs of our new clients.
  • I find it difficult to employ new software developers for my in-house team, as nobody wants to work with the legacy code that we have here.

There'll be some time for the Q&A session at the end of the session; you can share your own obstacles along with any questions for the speakers.


  • Gerbert Oude Velthuis - General Manager & Chief Technology Officer at TSH - has over 25 years of experience in several leadership positions. After working for an international IT company, where he built up several teams around the globe, Gerbert started his own software ventures.
  • Peter van Dijk - Product Development & Innovation Manager at GOconnectIT- is responsible for the GOconnectIT Cloud Platform and connecting all departments involved in this product: sales, marketing, consultancy & services and the development team in Poland. With his wide experience in software development and a real understanding of people and business, he likes to say: "We always want to be one step ahead".
  • Remco Jorna - Chief Technology Officer - has deep experience in IT strategy and enterprise architecture in both banking and insurance. Remco calls himself a “firestarter with broad experience in using IT as a business enabler, IT strategy and enterprise architecture”. During the past 15 years, Remco worked inside the Microsoft Global Account organization and with two leading Dutch insurance companies. His specialities include: digital insurance and banking, enterprise and IT architecture, enterprise application integration, mobile and internet strategy, professionalising IT departments, and building and driving communities of practice.

  • Juha-Pekka Laine - Vice President of Technology at Midaxo - has extensive experience in software development leadership as CTO in several companies. He drives focus on customer value and fast pace of innovation. He also takes over the CISO responsibilities and is an author of articles about high-quality information security management.

More speakers to be announced! Keep an eye out for their bios. 


Every month, TSH NL General Manager, Gerbert Oude Velthuis is joined by top technology leaders to dig into the people, process, and technology topics that are defining today’s CTOs. Interested in accompanying Gerbert as a speaker? Pay a visit to the CTO Roundtables website.


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