CTO Roundtable #11: Tech leaders’ masterclass in growing a quality culture

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

CTO Roundtable #11: Tech leaders’ masterclass in growing a quality culture

Quality can help you save time and money. Data from the Ponemon Institute reveals that bug fixes cost $80 in the early stages of development and a whopping $7600 in the case of production bugs. It’s crucial for you to avoid multiple headaches over matters related to processes. If you decide to run a company with a high level of quality, tech teams can ensure code is clean and error-free, meets specifications, and complies with applicable regulations.

Quality culture goes one step further. It’s all about taking more responsibility for all the quality-related issues in the organization – promoting a quality mindset among the team members and taking care of the actual quality in the projects.

In an ideal world, development and testing are synchronous. They should be. It’s a very simple rule, but still, many tend to ignore it. QA engineers should cooperate with developers, acting as one team. A team that is responsible for producing a quality software product. On the other hand, tech leaders should take care of growing quality culture. There are different approaches to quality, and it’s the leaders’ responsibility to find one that works.

During this CTO Roundtable, we will talk about what you can do as a tech leader to build a quality culture at your company. If you want to learn what tech leaders think about promoting quality at their businesses, join us during the upcoming CTO Roundtable.

Topics that will be discussed:

  • How do tech leaders define quality culture?
  • What can you do as a tech leader to build a culture of quality at your company?
  • How ambitious tech leaders teach their teams to develop a quality mindset?
  • What are three main dimensions that we should consider when thinking about quality culture?
  • What are the advantages for your company of having a quality culture?
  • How to promote teamwork among QA Engineers and Developers?

This event will be hosted by David Krala who is joined by Ruben Vosmeer VP of Engineering at FIBR Bank, Paul Gerrard Principal at Gerrard Consulting and Martin Woywod Software Strategist at Reservix.

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