Design for your personal brand: hands-on workshop with Adobe

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Design for your personal brand: hands-on workshop with Adobe

Want to learn how to identify and create your personal brand? Join this event with Adobe as we explore this topic.

Establishing and maintaining a personal brand - an identity that you’re known for and conveys information about who you are and what you're knowledgeable in - can help to open opportunities for you. Creating a cohesive social media presence is a great way to show off your personal brand. Have you recently thought about this? Then this session is for you!

In this session, we'll cover how to best identify your personal brand identity and bring it to life through a colour palette, a choice of fonts, and a personal logo. With the starter file (link below) you will be able to not only create your personal brand, but also apply it to various social media templates that will help you stand out online.

If you’d like to create along with us please download Adobe XD and the Starter Kit prior to the event.

Download links:

(If download does not begin immediately, copy and paste the link into your search bar)


Julia is an independent designer and instructor for Adobe. Her interdisciplinary work lies at the intersection of strategy, branding, packaging and marketing. Julia is building a design community on Instagram and YouTube, where she is sharing her knowledge and experiences on an international level. She is passionate about supporting young creatives and career transitioning individuals in their process of learning design. In her free time you can find Julia in the dog park or in her studio planning out exciting projects and collaborations.


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