Building the best self-service experience for your customers

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Building the best self-service experience for your customers

Your customers want solutions fast and studies prove that customers prefer a DIY approach over contacting a support agent. This exclusive session brought to you by the Zendesk for Startups team will help you quickly get started on scaling your support channel, building an effective self-service solution, and how to measure success.


  • Ittai Geiger, Startup Sucess Manager at Zendesk, is a Data focused Customer Experience, Marketing and Operations Leader with an expertise in analyzing and improving team productivity, developing effective customer retention and adoption strategies. He is an expert in fostering a strong inclusive culture through Emotional and Social intelligence. Ittai is also an Actor, Comedian, and Voice Actor with a passion for aviation, automobiles, motorcycles, and all things motorsports.


Every customer counts when you’re starting up. Zendesk, a service-first CRM company, is passionate about the startup community and helping organizations like yours be there for their customers. They give you the tools you need to deliver a better experience for your customers and prospects now and connect you with an exclusive startup community to help you grow strategically for the future.


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