Building Knowledge to Break Down Bias: Effective Transgender Allyship

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Building Knowledge to Break Down Bias: Effective Allyship

As part of our Pride Week program, we've teamed up with Oscar Noel - consultant to ILGA World’s global youth committee - to host an educational session to help you better understand and support the transgender (& wider LGBTQIA+) community.

The goal of this one-hour training is to provide an introduction to a variety of issues that relate to transgender people, specifically recognising and managing biases in order to ensure a culture of acceptance.

Concepts will be introduced from a position of no assumed prior knowledge, so if you're a newbie on the subject, no worries!

We'll begin with an introduction to some basic terminology and phrases, before delving into some key terms and concepts. Building upon this base of knowledge we will then discuss various forms of bias and micro-agressions, including practical scenarios which could come up in daily life.

Following this, we'll look at some common beliefs and how we can challenge them in our daily lives in order to become more effective supporters of the transgender community.

After completing this training participants should:

  • Have an introductory grasp on several key words, phrases, and concepts that relate to the transgender community.
  • Understand the various dangers faced by the transgender community.
  • Develop an understanding of how bias can manifest, and build a toolkit to resist these biases
  • Have the ability to recognise common misconceptions about the transgender community
  • Develop and implement a personal set of allyship commitments
  • Have access to further media recommendations


Oscar Noel is an artist, activist, and researcher. He is the consultant to ILGA World’s global youth committee and administrative officer to the Global Queer Youth Network. Oscar is an activist who focuses on advancing rights and protections for the transgender and intersex community, developing inclusive LGBT+ inclusive educational content for various audiences, and continued interaction with the political needs of the and the global LGBTI+ community. He recently obtained his Masters Degree in New Media and Digital Culture from the University of Amsterdam where his primary research area was the growing issue of online transphobia and the radicalisation of transphobic persons online.


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