A.I. for marketing with Growth Tribe

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A.I. for marketing with Growth Tribe

Growth Tribe is excited to invite you to a power session webinar to explain how using A.I. can be your next competitive advantage.

A.I. is no longer something reserved for extensively qualified data scientists. The world of business and growth has already begun to be influenced by machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the companies who want to stay ahead taking advantage of this new competitive advantage.

Growth Tribe has spent the last years teaching non-coders to use machine learning for marketing and growth. In this talk, we’ll test your skills, expose you to real-life applications of A.I., and show you how you can leverage it!


Theo Saroglou has a background in behavioural economics, game theory and theatre directing, he has helped many companies — of all shapes and sizes — transition to the digital era.


Growth Tribe is pioneering the way adults and organisations learn. With a focus on the world’s most in-demand skills, they deliver learning solutions that help individuals and organisations continuously acquire the capabilities needed to perform and grow.


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