Dutch Startup Association

Dutch Startup Association (DSA) is the largest, independent representative for startups, scaleups and innovation in The Netherlands. TNW is a founding board member of the DSA, and supports the growth of this organisation for the benefit of the entire dutch startup ecosystem.

About the DSA

Vision: Startups are the engine of the future economy. Entrepreneurs are the fuel of that engine. They are responsible for our innovative power, job growth, and future economic value, and the DSA wants to be there to support them every step of the way: from startup and scaleup.

Mission: The DSA strives to cultivate an environment where founders and their teams can share knowledge with the greater startup community, thus building a network of support and expertise. The DSA will not tell you how to run your business, but we will make sure you have all the tools you need to achieve success.

Goal: The DSA recognizes that there are more than enough “rollercoaster” moments in the process of starting a business, and wants to make sure that founders’ startup journeys go as smoothly as possible.

The DSA does this by:

• Lobbying for startup-friendly policies and by challenging legislation that hinders innovation

• Giving startups and founders a seat at the table of the industry’s most important conversations - in media or in political agenda

• Creating a diverse and inclusive ecosystem that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and that sees failure as simply one step on the journey to success. Fail successfully!

• Facilitating the transfer of knowledge amongst startups, founders, and team members

As a member, you decide which issues the DSA should direct their energy and focus towards. They work on your behalf to maintain a consistent dialogue with those individuals and entities directly involved in the shaping of the startup ecosystem. The engaged, interactive community is here to help!

Interested in becoming a member? Find out more here.

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