No, NASA isn’t about to announce it found aliens

No, NASA isn’t about to announce it found aliens

The last few days have been exciting and confusing for alien enthusiasts. A viral video claimed to have evidence that NASA would release new information about life beyond planet Earth. The source of the excitement? A quote from NASA Science Mission Directorate Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen made during a House Science Committee hearing:

With all this activity related to the search of life in so many different areas, we are on the verge one of the most profound discoveries ever.

Anonymous made a video last week saying NASA was about to announce the discovery of alien life, using this quote as its hook. The video unsurprisingly went viral. Next thing you know, everyone’s waiting eagerly for NASA’s news.

Maybe it’s understandable that the metaphorical fires raged out of control on this one. That sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? A researcher for one of the greatest space research resources on the planet sounded giddy as a schoolboy over a new discovery.

If I worked for NASA, the possibility of finding other life, even simple life, beyond our planet would certainly make me excited, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I’m not Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, though. He took to Twitter to clear up the misconception:

Hopefully this will teach the employees of the company to be a little more discreet in how they give announcements. When NASA people get excited, we all go to the edge of our seats.

Sorry, but Anonymous has no evidence that NASA has found alien life on Popular Science

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