New version of Tweetdeck now available – improved Facebook integration, and Myspace too

New version of Tweetdeck now available – improved Facebook integration, and Myspace too

TweetDeckIf Tweetdeck is your weapon of choice when it comes to using Twitter, you should head over to Tweetdeck’s website now as a pretty substantial update to the Adobe Air app has just gone live.

New features include improved Facebook support, the introduction of support for Myspace as well as the Tweetdeck Directory – a guide to Twitter users that the app’s developers deem worth following.

Until now Facebook support in Tweetdeck has been pretty lightweight with only the ability to update your status, view status updates from friends and send them messages. Now there’s full access to the main feed, including Likes and Comments. Drag-and-drop posting of photos and videos is an interesting addition too.

Taking an early look at the new version, Mashable’s Jennifer Van Grove wrote:

“Essentially, if you can do it on Facebook, you can now do it via TweetDeck. You can update Facebook Pages, view or add comments and likes, see who’s tagged in photos, watch photo slide shows, and mouse over user avatars for a myriad of additional options like updating the user’s wall, sending the user a message, or translating an update.”

Myspace support may seem odd (Myspace is sooo 2005, right?) but it’s still a heavily used platform and as Louis Gray notes “While we may turn our nose up at TweetDeck’s MySpace integration, Iain (Dodsworth) and team are trying to make the application a single destination for the Web’s most popular networks.”

The Tweetdeck Directory is an expanded version of its current ‘Tweetdeck Recommends’ column and features categorised recommendations of top Twitterers to follow in fields including music, travel, news and the like. Given Tweetdeck’s status as one of the top apps for Twitter power-users, a place in the directory could well be a prized status symbol. Let’s just hope that as the directory grows it maintains an emphasis of quality over quantity.

iPhone-based Tweetdeck users have good news too. Tweetdeck tweeted earlier: “New iPhone version coming shortly – includes most of the new desktop functionality and some cool iPhone only goodies”.

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