Google+ to Twitter: “We see your 28 languages and raise you 32”

Google+ to Twitter: “We see your 28 languages and raise you 32”

Having a social product be available in as many different languages as possible is key to having success globally. Today, Twitter announced that it is now available in an impressive 28 languages.

Not to be outdone, Google+ has shared that it is now available in 60 different languages about thirty minutes later:

Google+ is now available in 60 languages! We already supported 44 languages, but now even more people around the world can use Google+ in their native tongues. Now it’s easy to start a Hangout in Zulu [Qala i-hangout], share your favorite photos in Tamil [படத்தைப் பகிரவும்], or post about your weekend in Urdu [اس اشاعت کا اشتراک کریں].

To change your Google+ language, visit If some of your friends speak these languages, let them know to try it out!

Google is of course a pro at the translation game, with its own product called Google Translate having been available since 2006.

How’s Facebook doing on the language front? Last time we checked, the social network was available in 96 different languages (97 if you count Pirate). The quest for social global domination continues.

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