Infographic: Social Media and Unrest in Egypt

Infographic: Social Media and Unrest in Egypt

Last Friday, on one of my more depressing days as a journalist, I woke up to emails from readers and fellow journalists in Egypt asking for our prayers.

As a technology news site, we’ve focused on the social media and tech aspects of the crisis in Egypt, covering when its government blocked certain websites, and then when its government shut down the Internet completely. It has since been restored.

When Twitter founder Biz Stone responded with a declaration of Twitter’s stand for freedom of expression, he caught our attention. Today, HootSuite has produced an infographic that gives us a visual of the social media activities surrounding the days of protest.

From the Hootsuite blog,

Our observations of massive increase of user sign-ups and social updates from Egypt led us to create an infographic to document the effects of the massive Internet shutdown as well as the reaction of the people faced with a dire need to broadcast messages.

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