Mozilla launches the F1 share button, as in “one to rule them all”

Mozilla launches the F1 share button, as in “one to rule them all”

Mozilla just announced that it is launching a new toolbar button called F1, and it could be huge.

Saying, “Have you noticed how more and more pages on the web have 3, 6, or sometimes 12 little icons on a page encouraging you to share the link to that page with your friends? Why is that?” Mozilla is launching F1 to make sharing through Firefox easy,

“install the F1 add-on which adds a button to your Firefox toolbar. Specify which accounts you want to use for sharing, and from then on, sharing is as easy as clicking the toolbar button, picking how you want to share that link, adding a message and hitting Share.”

So, did Mozilla just declare war on AddThis, the Tweet Button and the Facebook Like? Whether or not it can succeed of course is a whole different matter (the demo below looks a little clunky to us), but still, Mozilla is a big player, and if Firefox 4 turns out to be the kind of browser we think it will be, then this could be the start of something big.

Watch the video below to see how the F1 button works:

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