Want to own FaceMash.com, the precursor to Facebook? Now you can.


Of course, it will (at this point) set you back a mere $8,000. That is,  if nobody else bids.

FaceMash.com, the site that eventually became Facebook, is up on the auction block at Flippa. Worried that it might not be the real thing? The DNS entry shows Zuck’s Harvard email address, and his parent’s home address as the points of registration.

Shall we start the betting pool as to which online casino or spam factory will be the high bidder? Maybe, with the recent publicity, Mark should just consider renewing the domain himself and redirecting it to Facebook. There’s a small question of authenticity in this, but everything certainly appears to be on the up and up.

The burning question we have is what you would do with FaceMash.com if you did own it. Let us know in the comments, eh?

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