Facebook Confirms Simpler Privacy Settings Coming Soon

Facebook Confirms Simpler Privacy Settings Coming Soon

CNET is reporting that a Facebook representative has confirmed that the world’s largest social network will soon roll out simplified privacy settings in the face of the privacy firestorm they are currently enmeshed in.

The CNET article quoted Andrew Noyes of Facebook as saying:

“The messages we’ve received are pretty clear. Users appreciate having precise and comprehensive controls, but want them to be simpler and easier to use. They also like the new programs we have rolled out, but want simple and easy ways to opt out of sharing personal information with applications and websites.”

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Of course, “they also like the new programs we have rolled out” is stretching it quite a bit. While they have recently launched new controls to protect login abuse, as well as other changes, their privacy policy is still longer than the US Constitution, and there is news that user IDs have been shared with advertisers (along as the ID info from MySpace and others), and finally its been so bad that you can watch your privacy evaporate over time.

Hopefully these simpler settings (details are still unknown) will assure at least some users that Facebook cares. If not, then there is always Quit Facebook Day.


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