Crowdsourcing – brilliant move or stupid mistake?

Crowdsourcing – brilliant move or stupid mistake?

Ask the crowds for critical information? Quoth the ResearchRaven, “nevermore” – or at least be careful. ResearchRaven™ is the brainchild of Hope Leman, formerly the Health / Medical / and Science 2.0 search engine blogger for AltSearchEngines.

Her refreshingly honest assessment of Web 2.0 buzzwords are listed in the Leman’s Lexicon section of ResearchRaven™.  At its core, RR is a search engine for important Health 2.0 topics such as conferences, publications, calls for papers, and funding sources.

ResearchRaven™ is a public service provided by the Samaritan Health Services Center for Health Research and Quality.  “It is designed to advance health research, program development and scholarship by enabling users to efficiently find current information about funding opportunities, professional conferences, calls for papers and other research-related materials.”

If you are a serious health or medical reSearcher, I encourage you to take a look today!

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