Twitter Surpasses 10 Billion Tweets

Twitter Surpasses 10 Billion Tweets

mountain-topTwitter has just surpassed the 10 Billion tweet mark.

According to GigaTweet, a tweet-tracking service, Twitter’s 10 Billionth tweet was tweeted at 6:54 PM US Central Standard time. Twitter has existed as a service for only 43 months, so the news that it has eclipsed this huge milestone is incredibly impressive.

This means that Twitter has averaged approximately 232.5 million tweets a month since July 2006.

Twitter broke 1 billion tweets in November 2008 and 5 billion tweets just four months ago.

Update: This was apparently tweet number 10,000,000,000. What a let down huh?

Update 2: This was apparently the 10,000,000,0001 tweet. Poetic.

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