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Tesla Model S can finally drive 400 miles between charges — but only in North America

A series of small incremental improvements are to thank

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Speculation on when Tesla would break the 400-mile range mark has been mounting for some time, and — according to figures from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — the EV company has just done it.

Late yesterday, Tesla announced all its North American Model S Long Range Plus EVs will come with an EPA mileage rating of 402 miles (around 650 km) per full charge.

That’s nearly 20% more when compared against a 2019 Model S 100D with the same battery pack, the company says.

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Tesla stated there are four main reasons that contribute to achieving this new EPA rating: cutting excess weight from the vehicle, new aerodynamic wheels and tires, increased drivetrain efficiency, and improved regenerative breaking which now works at lower speeds.

tesla, model, s, car, range, ev, rating, epa
Credit: Tesla - Website
Tesla’s website now displays the increased range of the Model S. Before this, the vehicle was rated with a range of up to 391 miles.

The only downside is that this is only for North American made Model S‘. There’s no word from the company on when these improvements will be rolled out internationally, but it hopefully won’t be too much longer.

All in all, that’s a significant step forward,  — especially when you remember Tesla‘s first Model S in 2012 had a range of just 265 miles (426 km).

Published June 16, 2020 — 07:03 UTC