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Polestar begins production of its new EV despite coronavirus concerns

It says it has taken all necessary precautions

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Polestar accelerates the shift to sustainable mobility, by making electric driving irresistible.

Given global circumstances right now, it’s not exactly the best time to be launching a new car. However, Volvo subsidiary Polestar isn’t letting the situation get in the way.

In an email to customers and followers yesterday Polestar said it’s begun production of its first fully-electric sedan, the Polestar 2. The P2 is being produced at the Geely-owned Zhejiang Luqiao plant in China, Reuters reports.

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The company said that it has taken the necessary measures from the coronavirus outbreak to ensure the safety of its staff. According to the email, it has disinfected all of its factories, and has provided regular medical checkups for its workers.

Its precautions meant that no one in its Chinese operations has contracted the COVID-19 virus, it added.

Polestar 2, production, china, geely, production
Credit: Polestar
Production of the Polestar 2 sedan has begun. It’s expected to have real world range of about 270 miles (440 km), derived from a 78kWh battery.

That certainly sounds like positive news when you consider that the likes of Tesla, and Amazon-backed EV startup, Rivian, have been ceasing production of its vehicles amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Polestar 2 starts from around $60,000, with first deliveries expected to start later this year.

Published March 24, 2020 — 12:35 UTC